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New features for Genius Jamtracks version 1.5
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    New features for Genius Jamtracks version 1.5

    by Genius Jamtracks » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:22 pm

    • A “select” button has been added to the library giving you the option to select multiple - or all - tracks at once either to download or delete.
    • The library layout has been changed. Tracks appear categorised by song form (e.g AABA, AAB, Blues etc..)
    • You can start the playback from any section just by clicking on it on the map with the connected dots under the chord chart.
    • The option to mute an instrument for a section has been added.
    • Instrument transposition for wind instruments is now available.
    • A settings tab has been added. Here you can find links to Genius Jamtracks social media, a contact and subscribe form, a FAQ section, a short guide of the app and the instrument transpose function.
    • You can now save your versions of the GJT tracks in your library for easy access and also share them on the Genius Jamtracks forums for others to download.
    • The Genius Jamtracks Forums are online and can be accessed directly from within the app from the forums tab.

    Please consider downloading your library again as updates have also been made to the piano voicings and basslines in many of the tracks.
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