Introduction: Sami Amiris and this Forum
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    Introduction: Sami Amiris and this Forum

    by Genius Jamtracks » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:51 pm

    The wonderfully talented Sami Amiris has joined our Learn from the Masters team!
    Sami Amiris is a renowned classical and jazz pianist from Greece. He puts great emphasis on the use of complex rhythmic techniques in music and how to create new sonic landscapes using them. He is also very fond of the rhythmic and melodic possibilities inherent in the Eastern and Ancient Traditions.
    Sami will be here to share his musical knowledge with you and answer your burning questions! So, send them in!

    A few suggestions for our forum members: If your question is better suited for public response, please use one of the ​general discussion Genius Jamtracks Forums.
    Also, please make sure you allow Sami to post the first reply in any given thread before you leave yours.
    Finally, please keep in mind that Sami has a busy schedule, so please give him time to respond.

    Thank you!
    The Genius Jamtracks Team

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