Mr.BopBig ears

Hi there!  I’m a jazz cat they call ‘Dr. Bop’!

Welcome to my pad, PitchBop! It’s a nice little place here, and you’re welcome to swing on by any time. If you’re a jazz cat like me, you’ll dig it here.

And if you play other types of music, you’ll love it too, because I’ve imported ALL the musical ingredients that make jazz such a tasty gumbo.

You see, I’m a cat born with perfect pitch. I’ll use my big ears to help you improve your performance.

We’ll play the PitchBop game to help you gain a greater command of your instrument… any instrument.  I’ll track your progress and make adjustments to keep the game gradually more challenging, and FUN!

So grab your axe, and let’s play…PitchBop today!

Dr. Bop

~“My ears are at your service”

How PitchBop works

So let’s see how we do things on PitchBop.

This is the game mode of the App. I’ll be playing phrases and then you’ll be playing them back to me. My super ears will catch any mistakes and I’ll report back.

Based on your performance I will be tailoring the next session to your needs to help work on your weaknesses.

And I’ll just keep throwing phrases at you until you have the strongest inner ear in the whole wide world and you don’t need me and my ears anymore.

The end.

What about those sliders?

If you’d like to change the game level, feel free to adjust the Pitch and Rhythmic Complexity by using the two sliders. The game will keep going according to that!

How about Practice Mode?

In Practice mode, you can modify many of the parameters to create exercises that develop specific skills -that you designate.

Advices from Dr. Bop?

You’ll have my attention all the time! I’ll be grateful if you use PitchBop in a quiet place.

Are you using earplugs? Please be sure that everything works fine as I’m listening to what you’re playing or singing through your device microphone. Thanks!

Things will get better really soon! Be patient with your practice though…

We are in PitchBop, I know… Pay attention to the rhythm too!

A few words from Lynn Baker

PitchBop is created to help you to improve the connection between your ear and your instrument.

Ear training is one of the most vital musical skills and may be the most frustrating part of development because until now, there have been few ways to connect ear training skills directly to performance.

PitchBop solves this problem by creating a real-time experience of performing short melodic phrases and receiving feedback about how well you did and how you can improve.

The basic function of the app is based on the ‘Call-and-Response’ model. PitchBop plays a short phrase for you to hear, and allows you the same amount of time to repeat the phrase. PitchBop listens to you as you perform the short phrase, and evaluates the accuracy of your performance. This ‘Call-and-Response’ repeats and you receive feedback after the “session” has finished.

There are two modes in PitchBop; the default PitchBop game and the Practice mode.

The game mode evaluates your progress and gradually increases the pitch and rhythmic, and harmonic complexity, and expands the key centers as you improve.

In Practice mode, you can modify many of the parameters to create exercises that develop specific skills -that you designate.

PitchBop works for any instrument and any style of music. It’s a universal skill-building program for better musicianship at any level, from beginner to pro!

The team 

A collaboration between Lynn Baker and Genius Jamtracks.

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Lynn Baker 

Lynn is a musician who plays saxophones and percussion in a wide variety of musical ensembles.  Lynn has published many articles and books on improvisation, jazz history, and saxophone and is an Origin Arts recording artist, Conn-Selmer artist clinician, and Grammy-nominated music educator. He has spent the past 40 teaching music at various colleges and universities and has finally decided to do something useful with his life.

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Dimitris Neonakis 

Dimitris is a musician who mainly plays guitar. He has taken part in various musical projects both live and recording. After listening back to some of those recordings he decided that there are some things that really need to be worked on, so along with Antonis they came up with the idea of Genius Jamtracks to help with that. As more weaknesses come to light more apps follow.

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Antonis Tsikandilakis 

Even though Genius Jamtracks was not designed to be used as a standard play-along it can most definitely be used as one. However, the main focus is on polyrhythms. It is the tool to guide you through the process of mastering rhythm in general and metric modulation over changes in particular.

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Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas

Maximos is the lead software engineer of PitchBop. He holds a PhD in AI and Music and spends his time in research, lectures in universities, software development and running. His desire to keep in shape with playing the guitar is hindered by his desperate efforts to maintain a healthy work-work balance.

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Andreas Apergis

Andreas helped with the graphical user interface of PitchBop. He studied Computer Science and classical piano, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition. He gets passioned for audio signal processing and computer music languages. When he’s not nerding about these, he nerds about traditional cooking. Probably better at the last one though.

Happy practicing!