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The brand newversion is here!

To call it a play-along would be an understatement.
Redesigned from the ground up,
with more than a thousand songs to get your polyrhythms game going.


Meet the revolutionised Genius Jamtracks

Genius Jamtracks is a mobile app for practising polyrhythms and improvisation in jazz music.

Super easy to use. No learning time needed. It is all based around 2 sliders where basically, if you move them to the left things get easier and as you move them to the right more complex ideas are being introduced.

In jazz, music is never the same, and this app can give you a play-along as close as possible to what a real jazz piano trio should play.

Go through the version 2.0 features

New updated Library

More than a thousand songs to choose from and apply all the app features

The Genius Jamtracks algorithm

Behind Genius Jamtracks there is a sophisticated algorithm that creates music.
Based on the vocabulary of jazz music, this algorithm can create almost countless different ways of playing for each instrument over each song like a real jazz band accompaniment. Rather than have the app repeat prerecorded phrases that would make this repeatable, we taught the Genius Jamtracks trio how to think and play like actual musicians. New stuff has been added including all the polyrhythmic vocabulary you need to practice with and even more.

The two modes

When in “Random” mode the trio will be making stylistic choices of what to play and when to play it, depending on the song style and tempo, just as actual musicians do.
The basic function is pretty simple. There are two sliders you can adjust, labeled “Rhythm” and “Harmony”. The more you take them to the left the simpler it gets, and as you move them to the right more advanced Rhythmic and Harmonic concepts are being introduced.
Note that the polyrhythmic content that will be available, depends on the style that the song is in as well as the chosen tempo.
Quick Set-up
If you want to focus on a specific grouping, polyrhythm, or displacement you can use the “Quick Set-up”. What this does is that with the selection that you make here you are asking the trio – one of them, all of them, or any of them – to just use this selected rhythm in their playing. So when you press play you still get the trio playing in the rhythm of the song, but when they choose to introduce polyrhythmic phrasing it will only be using what you asked them to. That way you get to sharpen your skill on that rhythm as well as your reflexes, as you don’t know when or how it is going to be used.
The Harmony slider is still here for you to adjust.
Note that the polyrhythmic content that will be available, depends on the style that the song is in as well as the chosen temp
  • Groupings: All subdivision groupings up to 17
  • Ratios: Starting from simple ratios like 2:3 and 3:4 and going up to more complex stuff
  • Other: Half time, double time, anticipation, and… other

Department of Reharmonization

According to the Harmony slider level you get different harmony > different piano voicings > or reharmonization of the song

Voice leading

It’s the first that does this in real time resulting in different comping every time you press Play but always valid and musical.

Groove, velocities...

A lot of attention has been given to ensure that the result is real like. Dynamics, note durations, and space are important elements of someone’s playing style and the GJT trio is really focused on these elements. Playing the right notes at the right time though huge, it is not enough. They have to sound and feel good as well.

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