PitchBop is about
to make ear training
your new guilty pleasure

Available for iOS and Android

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PitchBop helps inspired musicians develop a path from their imagination to their instrument so they have the confidence and control to bring unforgettable music into the world. 

How does it work?

PitchBop uses the ‘Call-and-Response’ model to help you improve the connection between your ear and your instrument.
The app plays a short phrase for you to listen to and play back on the instrument of your choice. Dr. Bop and his perfect pitch ears will then evaluate the accuracy of your performance and adjust the level accordingly.

Who is Dr. Bop?

On paper, Dr. Bop is simply a jazz cat pianist from New Orleans.
What makes him one of a kind though are these perfect pitch ears of his.
Through the PitchBop game, he will use this gift to train musicians to hear as well as he does so they can have the control and confidence they need to create unforgettable music.

Erini, is that you?

“Any student who has developed beyond the first few lessons on an instrument could benefit from this experience. At the highest levels, any professional musician could also be challenged.”

Randy Hoepker
Music Educator

“It is without question the best educational product I have seen for the iOS environment.
The call-and-response backbone of the app and progressive difficulty of examples during a given session has a welcoming improvisational feel to it- in fact, as the difficulty slowly ramps up, it becomes ADDICTING!
I recommend PitchBop for musicians of any style or level. They will not only steadily improve as they practice, but have a blast doing so in the process!

Richard Boukas
Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer,
Educator faculty (New School College for Performing Arts, New York City)

“PitchBop is an incredible ear training app which is super fun and challenging. I can see if I make this a part of my daily practice my ears will develop to a place that I never thought was possible. Thanks to PitchBop I now have something to work towards and the fact that your results are monetized means I can really see my growth and development each day.”

Tony Grey
Artist & Educator | Tony Grey Bass Academy

Practicing with Pitchbop is a fantastic way for vocalists and instrumentalists to improve their listening skills. It really helps me improve my pitch and rhythmic accuracy. It gradually takes you to more advanced levels and can provide a great challenge. A real solution for call and response practice!

Erini (a.k.a. Eirini Tornesaki)
Vocalist / Educator Berklee College of Music Professor, Former Cirque Du Soleil vocalist

Contact us at support@pitchbop.com for all technical questions related to the app and media@pitchbop.com for all press-related inquiries.