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Episode #1

“If you are being deliberate about the actions you take every day — from the things that have to do with the environment to the things that don’t: how do you speak to people, how are you dealing with projects, how much you respect yourself and others — you will create a lifestyle that encompasses sustainability through your beliefs and this will reflect in your environmental choices as well.”~ Adrian Valia

Join Emma as she and the jazz musician, producer, and content creator Adrian Valia discuss the success behind his channels, finding balance in the creative hustle of being a freelancer, the importance of sustainability in both our behaviors and daily habits, Rilke, and much more.

“He decided to destroy every door he saw and became a door criminal…. if you love jazz, don’t let this happen to you.”

More about Adrian on his social media
Emma Collier is a writer and storyteller who loves discussing all the things you do, love, raise an eyebrow at, and champion that will never make it to your Wikipedia page or status update.

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