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polyrhythms/metric modulation/jazz-lines - GeniusJamtracks
polyrhythms/metric modulation/jazz-lines
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    Andreas Schmidt
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    polyrhythms/metric modulation/jazz-lines

    by Andreas Schmidt » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:39 pm

    just some thoughts .....
    i loved the idea to learn some lines of jazz masters, who did these thinx. like lennie tristano, lee konitz, warne marsh, ted brown.
    you find the song titles in the www ( background music, subconscious lee, two not one, ablution, april, kary´s trance ). they all use superimposed rhythms on a 4/4 meter. to get that style more like "me", i composed these kind of line-concepts on jazz standards myself . on 4/4 songs. kind of doing whatever i would like to be able to improvise. 5 groupings. 7. 11. kind of hidden-groupings. cause if u do accents and sequences the superimposed rhythm is very clear to hear. all can be done with 8th notes. 8th triples. 16th. 4ter note triples. or even some 4 against 3 rhythms. or even 5 against 3 or 4. endless possibilities to COMPOSE them. which can lead to a internalized hearing. and THAN perhaps/hopefully u can improvise something like that on a standard.
    if u want to do metric modulation, just for fun u can break out of the songs line on one of these superimposed moments and "continue" in that other metric moment u hear. i think you got what i mean. for example the tristano line 317 east 32nd has at the end the 4 8th note triple sequenz idea. sure in real playing u stay in the real time. for fun u can pretend that the 4 8th note triples are 4 eight notes in a new faster tempo. and ... suddenly you do a new tempo. i did that on a 1999 CD of mine at the end of a line. u can hear it here : https://andreasschmidt.bandcamp.com/tra ... g-called-2 .... minute 1.30. sure u recognize the jazz standard i use. same record has some triple melody with a lot of 4 / 5 / 7 groupings of these triples. u can hear it here : https://andreasschmidt.bandcamp.com/tra ... itches-are again, the standard is clear .. the WHOLE line is heard at minute 7.50 ........ oki doki. that was me with some thoughts on polyrhythms/metric modulation/jazz-lines ....... all the best from berlin germany. andreas schmidt, jazz pianist

    the CHART from my ATTYA :
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g78ug2od0bs5h ... 1.pdf?dl=0
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/h88096u6y3itv ... 2.pdf?dl=0
  • YanG
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    Re: polyrhythms/metric modulation/jazz-lines

    by YanG » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:11 pm

    Hey Andreas thanks for sharing all that wonderful stuff with us! I really love your melodic approach in your soloing, I ve been listening to your work extensively on Bandcamp. I am a piano player myself and I rely basically on my ear and feel of melody to play. I do want to incorporate some of that cool polyrhythmic stuff in my playing but I find it hard to compose anything that I find satisfactory when trying to use rhythmic stuff I'm not accustomed to.. Any advise on how to get started?

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