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Genius Jamtracks
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Sure, you could call us
a play-along.

But we’re oh so much more than that.

And so are you.

“ Genius Jamtracks is easily the best play along app out there! Particularly the piano voicings are more logical and realistic than other play-along apps. The bass and drums are not just a simple repetitive pattern, but actually use some jazz language. And it’s nice that you can make the band busy in unpredictable ways. As much like playing with a real group as you can get from an algorithm. Highly recommended! “

Paul Bollenback

“ It’s like a jazz musician wrote it. The drums and piano are just like how a jazz drummer and pianist would play. Couldn’t be an easy task to create that! ”

Steve Beskrone

Aimee Nolte: The App That Thinks Like a Band!


Aimee Nolte

Welcome to the revolutionizedGenius Jamtracks

Redesigned from the ground up with more than a thousand songs to get your polyrhythms game going and an algorithm that thinks and plays like a real jazz trio – so much so, the members have actual names.
Genius Jamtracks now features Genius Jam Sessions to make sure you’re ready to get onstage the moment the call comes, no matter how much time has passed.

Consider us the next best thing to a round of applause.


Expanded Library

1068 songs to choose from, including most of the jazz standards usually called at a jam session and 31 exercises to practice.

Genius Jamtracks Algorithm

We’ve designed our algorithm to think and play like an actual jazz trio
Rather than the tedium of playing along 
with predictable, prerecorded phrases, 
now you can jump in on the instrument of your choice 
and experience the thrill of seemingly endless variations 
in a jam session right from your smartphone.


Jam Session
The GJT trio decides on their own what to play and when to play it, based on the style of the song and the tempo.

To focus on a specific grouping, polyrhythm, or rhythmic displacement, you can ask the trio (by individual instrument or all three) to do this, so that when they choose to introduce polyrhythmic phrasing it will include only what you requested. 
As you won’t know when or how it will be used though, this feature also helps sharpen your ability to improvise as well as mastering that rhythm. 

The Rhythm Department - Rhythmic Complexity Slider

From the traditional comping of a standard play-along and common polyrhythms of the jazz vocabulary to more complex, challenging and sometimes superhuman rhythms, experiment with how the app transforms the rhythm according to the slider level.


Department of Reharmonization - Harmonic Complexity Slider

From triads and jazz harmony to more complex chords and negative harmony, experiment with how the app reharmonizes each song according to the slider level.


Voice leading

Whether you choose to adjust the level of harmonic complexity 
or just press play and trust GJT to create your Genius Jam Session for you, 
you’ll always have the same attention to voice leading from the pianist 
and the same effort in creating beautiful lines from the bassist to accompany you.

Groove & Velocities

Dynamics, note durations, and space are important elements of playing style so naturally the GJT trio pays close attention to each of these elements to make the Genius Jam Session experience as close to the real thing as possible. 



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