The inspiration behind
Genius Jamtracks

Every small town has its local heroes whose influence on the artists born and raised there is undeniable, whether they go on to spend the rest of their lives in that town, or end up famous enough to jet-set around the world, it’s often the impact of these initial mentors that remains the most profound.

For Antonis and Dimitris, the creators of Genius Jamtracks, one of theirs is Zacharis. Anyone fortunate enough to have heard him play finds themselves humbled. To call Zacharis a drummer would be an understatement: to them, he’s the grandmaster of polyrhythms and the inspiration behind the creation of Genius Jamtracks. The app’s algorithm is designed as a way to give formal coherence to practicing polyrhythms so musicians finally have a tool to practice within the pursuit of becoming improvisers.
Genius Jamtracks is a tribute to Zacharis, a way of sharing with all the musicians around the world who won’t have the chance to meet him, what his genius inspired them to learn.

Zacharis, thank you for being a friend,
a mentor and an endless source of inspiration.

Antonis, Dimitris

Many thanks to Sami Amiris, Ronan Guilfoyle, Jean-Michel Pilc and Aimee Nolte for the inspiration and resources.