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What is the “Harmony” button?

Here you can adjust the range of harmonic level from simplifying the written chart up to complex reharmonizations. On Level 1, you get triads. As you start moving up the levels, you progress into jazz harmony, and your choice for the range of jazz piano voicings will increase. More specifically, on Level 2, you get what is written on the chart. On the 3rd level, you move into Jazz harmony and get piano voicings. On the 4th level, some basic substitutions are being introduced, and on the 5th, you will get more advanced substitutions and reharmonizations. Whether you choose to adjust the harmonic level or just press play and trust Genius Jamtracks to create your Jam Session for you, you’ll always have the same attention to voice leading from the pianist and the same effort in creating beautiful lines from the bassist to accompany you.