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Episode #5

” These materials are becoming more rare and precious as time goes on because of our misuse of natural resources. And you really want to kind of redeem it somehow through making something that’s going to create beauty– and these instruments do create beauty whether they’re used for playing traditional Greek music or playing other kinds of music, rituals or art.”

Join Emma as she speaks with Kleo Xirou, the creator of Kleo Drums, which offers a full range of handcrafted traditional percussion instruments and features locally produced natural skins, as they discuss the distinct personality of her handmade instruments and the diverse range of musical and spiritual practices they’re incorporated into, how recent developments in percussion have evolved what she creates, and much more.

The Nature Man ~ Konstantinos Kalatzis
Konstantinos plays a KleoDrums’ Deep Shell 40cm Tunable Custom Framedrum with Greek Goat Skin. For this record, he played only this framedrum by shifting its pitch -not at real time-  for different sound.
More about Kleo on her website and social media
Emma Collier is a writer and storyteller who loves discussing all the things you do, love, raise an eyebrow at, and champion that will never make it to your Wikipedia page or status update.

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