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Episode #11

Imagine farmers in Mongolia or  France, or remote agricultural places that might have never been able to listen to music. With technology, this changed. Everybody has access to music. I think it’s very important to be able to have experiences like this, no matter where you are, that allow you to explore parts of your mind that are unexplored otherwise.

Join Emma Collier and Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, an experienced researcher, software designer and programmer in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and the lead software engineer for Genius Jamtracks and PitchBop as they discuss music in AI –  how advancements in this area may lead to changes in how we form memories around music, how long before we don’t care if there’s a similarly structured person behind what we listen to and what happens afterwards, and much more.

More on Maximos on his  social media
Emma Collier is a writer and storyteller who loves discussing all the things you do, love, raise an eyebrow at, and champion that will never make it to your Wikipedia page or status update.

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