PitchBop, a modern

ear training app

for instrumentalists

and vocalists on the go.

Better ears make better musicians.

With PitchBop’s endless melodies, you’ll have the confidence to know you heard it right the first time.

Use Your Instrument

Listen and play back what you hear using the instrument of your choice.

Practice Vocal Range

Set your highest and lowest note to practice your full range any time, anywhere.

Pitch Complexity Slider

As you move from left to right, you go from small diatonic intervals to wider intervals and chromatic notes.

Rhythmic Complexity Slider

As you move from left to right, you move from practicing intervals with no rhythmic surprises to more rhythmically complex phrases with more notes.

Dr.Bop’s Game

Your teacher Dr. Bop controls all the settings and adjusts the sliders for you based on your performance.

Practice Mode

Manually adjust the settings here for the sliders, tempo, scale, range, number of calls, and more.

Practice That Feels Like Performance.

Call and Response

Improves the connection between your ear and your instrument by directly linking the level of skill to the accuracy of the performance. Repeat the phrase you hear and monitor your feedback after every session

PitchBop will help you be a better musician.
That’s the main reason to do it!
~ Aimee Nolte

PitchBop is an incredible ear training app which is super fun and challenging. I can see if I make this a part of my daily practice my ears will develop to a place that I never thought was possible. Thanks to PitchBop I now have something to work towards and the fact that your results are monetized means I can really see my growth and development each day.

Tony GreyArtist & Educator | Tony Grey Bass Academy

Any student who has developed beyond the first few lessons on an instrument could benefit from this experience. At the highest levels, any professional musician could also be challenged.

Randy HoepkerMulti-Instrumentalist Music Educator

Practicing with Pitchbop is a fantastic way for vocalists and instrumentalists to improve their listening skills. It really helps me improve my pitch and rhythmic accuracy. It gradually takes you to more advanced levels and can provide a great challenge. A real solution for call and response practice!

Erini (a.k.a. Eirini Tornesaki)Vocalist / Educator Berklee College of Music Professor, Former Cirque Du Soleil vocalist

It is without question the best educational product I have seen for the iOS environment.
The call-and-response backbone of the app and progressive difficulty of examples during a given session has a welcoming improvisational feel to it- in fact, as the difficulty slowly ramps up, it becomes ADDICTING!
I recommend PitchBop for musicians of any style or level. They will not only steadily improve as they practice, but have a blast doing so in the process!

Richard BoukasGuitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Educator faculty (New School College for Performing Arts, New York City)

Dr. Bop's Game

The days of practicing to the same pre-recorded phrases are over. Based on AI, PitchBop is designed to create endless melodies for you to listen and play back so your ears steadily improve the more you play. In Dr. Bop’s Game, the algorithm makes all the choices for you by adjusting the difficulty level according to your performance so you’ll always be appropriately challenged.

“My ears are at your service.”

Practice Mode

Practice mode allows you to manually adjust the settings to work on something specific.

  • Tempo
    Set the tempo between 50 and 160 beats per minute.
  • Root
    Set the key center.
  • Scale
    Select the scale or harmony area.
  • Lowest and Highest Pitch
    Select the pitch limits of the call.
  • Always start on root
    Toggle between always starting on the root or not.
  • Calls per session
    Set the number of calls between 4 and 32.
  • Swing/Even
    Toggle between Swing and Even beat divisions.
  • Chromatic notes
    Toggle between using chromatic notes or only diatonic notes.

Make ear training your new guilty pleasure.

PitchBop for iOS & Android

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