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Episode #4

“Jazz is not about a result, improvised music is not about a result, it’s about a process. Because there is no result — when you’re finished, you’re finished. It’s gone.” ~ Ronan Guilfoyle

Join Emma as she speaks with with a man of many roles and branches – Ronan Guilfoyle, a bassist, educator, composer, rhythm archaeologist, chef, and conversation artist  to discuss almost everything from Bartok’s ghost music to the triplet rhythm of your mother’s heartbeat, how the principles of his two great loves — music and food — have a surprising amount in common, why he doesn’t have a smartphone and the beauty of being inaccessible, and so much more.

More about Ronan on his website and podcast.
Emma Collier is a writer and storyteller who loves discussing all the things you do, love, raise an eyebrow at, and champion that will never make it to your Wikipedia page or status update.

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