Genius Jamtracks in action!

The revolutionized Genius Jamtracks algorithm thinks and plays like an actual jazz trio – so much so, the members have actual names.
Now,  rather than playing along with predictable, prerecorded phrases, you can jump in on the instrument of your choice and experience the thrill of seemingly endless variations with the Genius Jamtracks trio right from your smartphone!

And as it mimics the feeling of playing alongside top jazz musicians at a jam session, we decided to go ahead and put it in the name – Genius Jam sessions.

Because we’re oh so much more than a play-along.

And so are you.


Dan Baker: Incredible, musical backing tracks.
Never the same thing twice!

Yukako Yamano on Genius Jamtracks

Aimee Nolte: The App That Thinks Like a Band!

Ronan Guilfoyle playing along to “Solar” using Genius Jamtracks