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Episode #8

I realized that through telling these stories, I could create an atmosphere, a fairy tale type situation in their minds, which was very helpful for my lessons in painting and art generally. For me, that’s the goal: to bring them somewhere like this before I start to show them specific techniques.

I’m your host Emma Collier, and today I’ll be speaking with ένας μοναδικός άνθρωπος Yiannis Iliakis, a one of a kind painter, percussionist, writer, illustrator, and arts teacher as we discuss different mediums and their messages, storytelling as a transportive educational tool and why this matters, extricating the self from a religious upbringing, sincerity in performance, and much more.

Οι Ηθοποιοί │Γιάννης Ηλιάκης
Follow the links to learn more about Yiannis.
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Outward Bound Trio
Emma Collier is a writer and storyteller who loves discussing all the things you do, love, raise an eyebrow at, and champion that will never make it to your Wikipedia page or status update.

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